Pobitora Sanctuary
Pobitora Sanctuary, spread over 38.80 sq k, was established as a sanctuary in 1987. Wildlives: rhinoceros, buffalo, wild pig, various species of duck, deer and various species of birds both land and aquatic.

Garampani Sanctuary
Garampani sanctuary spread over 6.05 sq km was recognized as a forest reserve in 1952. This sanctuary is famous for its hotspring. Wildlives: elephant, deer, monkey, tiger, wild pig, owl, horn-bill etc.

Lowkhowa Sanctuary
Lowkhowa Sanctuary spread over 70.13 sq km is known as the habitat of large one-horned rhinoceros. It also harbours wildlife speies like wild buffalo, swamp deer, duck, cormorant etc. It is only 15 kms from Nagaon town.

Bornadee sanctuary
Barnadee Sanctuary, stretching over 26.22 sq km was recognized as a sanctuary in 1981. This sanctuary famous for pigs, monkeys, buffaloes, bear, leopards and many types of birds.

Sonai-Rupai Sanctuary
This wildlife sanctuary, 220 sq kms in area is situated in the Sonitpur district. Extending along the Himalayan foothills it offers magnificent view of both scenic beauty and wildlife. The sanctuary is the home of elephant, Indian bison, deer and variety of hills birds.

Pabhoi Sanctuary
Pabhoi Sanctuary, spread over 49 sq kms is famous as the habitat of elephants and wild buffaloes. Situated in Lakhimpur district, Pabhoi is a sancturary, which is created exclusively for the protection of the magnificent wild water buffalo. Wildlives: rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, various species of birds – both land and aquatic.


Name                                                                             Area (sq km)

Burachapari Wildlife Sanctuaries                                      44.06
Bornadee Wildlife Sanctuaries                                          26.22
Bordoibum Bihmukh Wildlife Sanctuaries (Prop)          11.25
Chakraila Wildlife Sanctuaries                                          45.56
Dipar Beel Wildlife Sanctuaries (Prop)                              4.14
East Karbi-Anglong Wildlife Sanctuaries                      221.81
Garampani Wildlife Sanctuaries                                         6.05
Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuaries                                              20.98
North Karbi-Anglong Wildlife Sanctuaries (Prop)          96.00
Lowkhowa Wildlife Sanctuaries                                       70.13
Namber-Doigurang Wildlife Sanctuaries                       97.15
Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuaries                                            38.80
Padumani-Bherjan-Borajan Wildlife Sanctuaries           7.22
Panidihing Wildlife Sanctuaries                                       33.93
Sonal-Rupal Wildlife Sanctuaries                                  220.00

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