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Assam is very famous for some places which is the centre of tourist attraction all over the world. The world largest river-island ‘Majuli’ of Jorhat and the smallest river-island ‘Umanando of Guwahati is situated in the river of Brahmaputra. There are enormous monuments of ancient kingdom in Assam which bears the sign of affluent sculptars. These historical monuments and structures reflect the glorious history of Assam. Most of these monuments were built by the rulers of the Ahom dynasty. These serves as the important places of tourist attraction. Sivasagar-the historial capital of Assam is an important place of tourist attraction for its ancient sculptural monuments temple, palaces, maidens, tanks etc. Kareng-ghar, a historical monuments situated in gorgaon at a distance of 13 kms from the Sivasagar town is seven storeyed palaces having three underground floors and four upper storeys. The Talatal ghar is situated at distance of 6 kms from the Sivasagar town. It is also a seven storeye brick palace with three underground floors and four upper storeys. The Rang-ghar is Asia’s first amphitheatre and situated at a little distance from the Kareng ghar.

 The Rang-ghar is a two-storeyed oval shaped pavilion from which the members of the Ahom royal families watched elephant fights and other sport events. The Jaysagar tank, situated at Joysagar(Sivasagar) in Assam’s one of the biggest tanks of India covering as area of 318 acres, with three temples or its bank namely-the Jay dal, the Shiva dal and Devi dal. This tank serves as a place of high tourist interest. The Sivasagar tank is also one of the largest tank of India with three temples or its back- the Shiva dal, the Vishnu dal and the Devi dal. The Shiva dal situated over the Sivasagar tank is the highest Shiva temple of India. Others tanks like Gaurisagar tank and Rudrasagar tank are also encircled with Shiva dal and Vishnu dal.

 The ‘maidams’ are also centre of tourist attraction. These are the numerous burial vaults of Ahom Kings and the other member of the royal families. These ‘maidams’ to some extent are said to resemble the ‘Pyramids of Egypt’. These maidams are mostly located at Charideo, which was the first capital of the Ahoms. The Dalgar of Ajar Pir is Sivasagar is also famous.

The other places of tourist attraction of Assam are the Daparbatiya ruins famous for its art and sculpture situated 5 km west of Tezpur town, the Poa Macc and Hayagriva Madhab temple of Hajo. Some holy shrines of Assam situated in Guwahati are the world famous kamakhya and Bhuwarshwari temple, Sukreshwar temple, Umanand temple. Ugra tara temple, Ashwakrarta temple, Nava-graha temple, Bashishtha Ashram, and Shukleshwar temple. The Barpeta Satra and Kirtan ghar of Barpeta district and Batadrawa area and shrine of Nagaon are also very famous.

So like wise the scenic beauty of Assam the humbleness, simplicity and hospitality of the people of Assam add a grace to the beauty of this magical state which make it unique. Many people called it a ‘Magical land’ and we call it ‘A paradise on Earth’ and are hope for its all round development.

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