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Are Assamese people Cricket fans too?

30 April, 2012Posted By: V Deori

Are Assamese people Cricket fans too?

Are Assamese people like the rest of the country Cricket fans too? I know what’s your answer would be, it’s almost a conditioned response - “Of course we are”.

Did we grow up playing street cricket like rest of the country’s kids? - “Of course we did”.

If our answers are an obvious “yes”, then Why aren’t any of our players in the history of the game has played for the country? Forget our National team we don’t find a place in any of the IPL squads too. (There might be 1 or 2 exceptions which I am not aware of; if there is then they are almost negligible)

What do you think that happens to our players that they can’t make it?

Is it that they are not good enough? Or Is it that they don’t get certain environment? Or Is it because of lack of facilities by the government that is to blame? Or there is any other reason for the same.

It’s really shocking as well as sad that despite Cricket being the passion of the state we are not there where we should have been. I remember our World Cup win last year, how happy we were. It felt like the ultimate happiness one can ever feel about something. But we don’t have a Sourav Ganguly to cherish like Bengal, Dravid like Karnataka, Laxman like Andhra, Dhoni like Jharkhand or Sehwag like Delhi.

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