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23 May, 2012Posted By: Vikrant D

Its sad that people all around India know so little about Assam or our neibouring North East states. Have you ever wondered WHY?

Its even more sad that they have some very wrong perception about North East. There are numerous stories going around about discrimination towards the people of NE in every major city be it Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune. Few of my fellow hindi speaking guys even call the people from Manipur or Nagaland and even Assam as 'Chinese'.

And when people from India are treated differently in England & Australia, we say that these countries (England & Australia) are racial towards us. Forgetting the fact that we ourselves is the most racial country, take our history and it speaks for itself eg. untouchability etc.

Anyway, this blog is not about discrimination but about ignorance about North East and who is to blame for this. Its shocking that people in India know more about US these days than their own country.

Just go through the following survey conducted by North East India Image Managers (NEIim):

In a first of its kind survey about the perception of North East India amongst the people in rest of the country conducted by the North East India Image Managers (NEIim), a voluntary group of communication professionals, it was found that as high as 52% of the respondents have a negative perception about this region of India. Their immediate recall of ‘North East India’ is that of “a region riddled with insurgency and most unsafe place in the country” or “most underdeveloped region with hardly any modern infrastructure and poor connectivity with the rest of the country” or “people with mongoloid features and weird food habit and an alien culture”.

Another shocking revelation of the study is that 87% of the respondents could not name all the states of North East India. As many as 76% of the respondents had no idea about any peace talks that may be going on between any insurgent groups of North East India and Union Government of India. The findings of the survey indicate that due to the negative imagery that people have about the region even if they are given the best of the job offer and it suits their career interests best 30% of them will never go and work in Northeast while 52% are not sure if it’s a good idea to go and work there. Even if 71% of the respondents agree that the place is full of natural beauty, as many as 30% of them may not go on a vacation to Northeast.

While 70% of the respondents can’t believe the fact that three North East Indian states have per capita income more than India’s national per capita income, as high as 91% did not know anything about Central Government’s Northeast Industrial Policy which gives special incentives for investments made in the region. 75% of the respondents don’t know whether the current UPA government has any minister representing any constituency of North East India. 56% of the respondents don’t know that there is an IIT, are Central Universities and a IIM in Northeast.

So, what do you think folks? Why is it so?

The question is - Do we care about our image at all?

If NO than let us just crawl over without much respect from others and don't complain about it.

But if YES than we have to do something about it so that we are as well respected like any others in this country.

When asked What should be done about this, these following suggestions came up:

Government should run special awareness campaign using various media vehicles at National level to educate people about North East. And that school/college curriculum should include more information pertaining to history, geography, culture, economy of North East India.

But there has to be many other ways through which this can be achieved. We have to find them out...

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