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23 May, 2012Posted By: Abihutra Rajkonwar

For most Indians, especially those in the 'mainstream,' the country's North East is uncharted territory. It occupies the same psychological place as it does geographically – in a corner, largely forgotten or ignored.

"North East India' is that of "a region riddled with insurgency and most unsafe place in the country" or "people with mongoloid features and weird food habit and an alien culture", was the responds from some who were interviewed in a survey, as reported in Northeast Today.  Surprisingly 30 percent of professionals don't prefer to work in North East even if that best suits their career interest. The survey showed how these professionals are preoccupied with some wrong notions and how deeply they are ignorant about North east states.

Frankly speaking, for a common man India practically starts from Gujarat and ends at Kolkata. What lies east of Kolkata is conveniently forgotten. No wonder the insurgency level and feeling of alienation is very high. Most people are highly charged up about Kashmir but they don't have any knowledge of North East. Years of central neglect, corruption and insurgency (which is a result of neglect and corruption) had put North East in different league as compared to rest of India in economic progress. So while you have shining towers in Bangalore and Chennai, people still lack basic infrastructure in north east.

Most people in North East are found to be extremely Patriotic but sadden by inconsiderate attitude of rest of Indians. They are treated as guests in their own Country.

This is something which I have been thinking about for quite some time now. How much do we Indians really know and care about the North-East?

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