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Papon Da 'or' Zubeen Da?

11 April, 2012Posted By: V Deori

Papon 'Or' Zubeen?

Papon has his own style and is the best at it while Zubeen is the most versatile Assamese singer.

When it comes to picking one out, it becomes a difficult task. Although we should not compare the both since Zubeen is far senior to Papon, yet comparison is made between the two. For most people Zubeen is the best but there are others especially the youth who has a different view. It is said that Zubeen's music is more on a traditional theme whereas Papon's music is more global. Papon's music has a touch of Rock in it, hence preferred by the youth. Zubeen's music appleals to the masses of Assam in all aspects.

It is indeed very difficult to try and pick one out since it is so soothing to hear both of them.

While I write this I remember the song that was recorded accidentally by someone while Papon was just chilling out with some random tunes (and later it became very famous and became a part of a hindi movie album starring Rajiv Khandelwal, Soha Ali Khan & Mrinalini Sharma), here it goes:

Banao banao banao banao
Banao banao banao
Right now

Pray baba pray baba
Jaya mahadeva

Aaatma ki shuddhi kar de
Oh mere parmatma

Gunni janon ko disha dikhade
Oh mere parmatma

Gaanja nahi dawa hai
Hawa hai gale ka manjan
Aankhon ka niranjan hai
Sau Neta mar gaya kuch nahi hua
Sau Neta mar gaya kuch nahi hua
Ek Gaanjari mar gaya desh tabaah ho gaya

Banao banao banao banao
Banao banao banao
Right now!!!

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